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  • Rebranding Victor Counseling to Renew Mental Health!

    As of TODAY January 2, 2023…Victor Counseling Practice has changed our name to Renew Mental Health!

    …If you are on this website reading this, you probably already know since you’ll see the word “Renew” all over our website…but you may be wondering why.

    There’s a few reasons why we changed our name.

    1. When Victor Counseling Practice started, we began in Victor, NY. Since our start, we now have 4 locations all around Rochester, NY (Henrietta, Pittsford, and Penfield) and we also serve anyone in New York State via telehealth. So the name Victor didn’t really make all that much sense anymore.

    2. We have grown SO much. Not just geographically, but we now have over 60 therapists! Check out all our therapists here! Most of our therapists did not really feel very connected to the name Victor Counseling Practice…we want all of our clients and therapists to feel connected and proud of Renew.

    3. Moving forward, we are going to be expanding even more with more therapists and with other types of services/offerings to help support YOU. With moving forward, we will be offering things other than therapy (stay tuned for awesome stuff coming in 2023) so we did not want “counseling” in our name any longer in order to be all inclusive to potential future services!

    We are so excited to have you be a part of Renew! Tell all your friends and we hope to see you soon!