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  • Maggi Masci, LCSW-R

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    Hi, this is Maggi Masci, LCSW-R, CCTP, a licensed social worker for over 25+ years, having worked in schools, a county jail/mental health clinic, and for the last several years as a certified trauma specialist in private clinical practice. I am described as caring, supportive, encouraging, and sometimes fun! Working primarily with individual adults at this time, I offer a gentle, straightforward approach, allowing each person to discover not only what they are looking for but also, how to get it. By accessing mind, body, spirit connections, I find that anxiety and depression can be reduced so clients are better able to—move beyond unwanted thoughts, reduce or eliminate ineffective behavior patterns, change up or break free from destructive relationships, and heal from abusive or traumatic experiences.

    Being passionate about assisting clients in identifying and reaching their treatment goals, I incorporate a variety of therapeutic models to help you get there—Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, plus Trauma-based and Ego State Therapies. By including the use of experiential/transformational techniques such as relaxation, breath work, visualization, clinical hypnosis, core transformation, and age regression processes; your mental health treatment is uniquely designed to fit you and your needs. I strongly believe that each of us already possesses within, what is needed to live the life we desire. Let me help you connect with your true self through a journey of discovery/recovery. You deserve nothing less.

    Tried therapy before? Try again. Perhaps now is your time! Look below to call the office or to click on the “request an appointment” box to get started. I wish you well, Maggi

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