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  • Kinga Kondor-Hine, LMHC

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    My work in the field of counseling began in 1992 and I have been a clinician in practice for 25+ years. I am passionate about helping my clients work through trauma and supporting them on their journey to find a better balance in their life. My therapeutic approach is person centered. I work closely with clients to help them connect with their values, gain personal insight, understanding and self-compassion.

    With a trauma-informed mindset, I strive to create a safe and therapeutic environment. This entails a blend of treatment interventions designed to best match individual’s needs. I draw inspiration from the work of colleagues like: Brene Brown, Bessel Van der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Alfred Adler, Carl Rogers and Carl Jung. These individuals are leaders in the field of counseling and therapy. They are the inspiration that has helped build my foundation for an enduring and balanced practice.


    • Trauma
    • Relationship Issues
    • Life Transitions
    • Anxiety/Depression
    • Immigration Experiences

    Style: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Compassion Focused, Family Systems

    Client Focus: Adults, Couples

    Cost: $120 Out of Network, United Health Care, Excellus, MVP.

    Fun Facts: Loves cooking, nature, fur babies, and fluent in Hungarian.