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  • Jeff Eveland, LMHC

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    Jeff brings a lifetime of varied experiences to the counseling office;  including business, military, Christian pastoral ministry, youth counseling, family therapy, substance abuse education and community integration counseling for those with traumatic brain injuries.  He has led wellness workshops, groups, and retreats on building healthy marriages, codependency recovery, parenting, premarital counseling, life skills for adolescents, and healing for damaged emotions due to childhood trauma or dysfunctional family systems.  With over 30 years devoted to the helping professions in a variety of settings,  Jeff is uniquely qualified to assist others in overcoming hindrances to emotional, relational and spiritual health.   This rich and varied background compliments his formal education of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Community Counseling.  He has a Professional  License in Mental Health Counseling in NYS and is an ordained minister in a Christian Fellowship.

    Jeff is warm, welcoming, and compassionate with his clients.  He values each person unconditionally while encouraging positive change and personal growth.  He endeavors to inspire hope and optimism even in the most troubling circumstances believing that our challenges are also opportunities for a more fulfilling life’s  journey.  For those to whom faith is important or are seeking a more satisfying spiritual experience, Jeff is a good partner to have.   He is gifted in teaching, mentoring and helping clients make wise decisions while exploring options for their future.   Underlying feelings of fear, anger, guilt and shame need to be identified, processed and released so they do not dominate behavior, damage relationships and steal joy and peace

    While Jeff’s work experience, education and training is extensive, his personal journey of overall wellness has best prepared him for his role of therapist/counselor.   He has learned the value of transparency, humility, honesty and dependency upon God.  His wife Mindy, their four children and seven grandchildren continue to be his greatest supporters.

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