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  • Carma Nelson, LCSW

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    I’m a deeply compassionate woman, educated by Indigenous Elders in Alaska and around the world. I have a BA in Psychology, an MSW from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and hold a LCSW in New York State. I’m very knowledgeable about comparative religions, spirituality, addictions, mental health, co-occurring disorders, cultures across the globe and microcultures within the USA.


    • PTSD
    • Complex Trauma
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Style: Buddhist psychology, Jungian analysis, Logotherapy, Gestalt therapy. Therapy might consist of dream analysis, exploring cultural beliefs, myths & legends, spirituality, family traditions, mindfulness activities, and creative work of some kind. At the start of therapy, one might feel “like a broken mirror.” At therapy completion, one might feel like “a beautiful mosaic of reflective glass.”

    Client Focus: Adults, LGBTQ+.

    Cost/Insurances Accepted: $125 Out of Network, Excellus, United.