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    Professional Coaching Services

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    Our network of experienced, professional coaches who can help you create positive changes and reach your goals.

    VCP is now offering Health, Financial, High Performance, and Academic Success Coaching

    For years VCP has provided qualify, affordable, accessible therapy and medication management to upstate New York. Now we’re helping clients improve professionally and personally with our network of coaches who specialize in getting results for their clients.

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    What is Coaching?

    Coaching can be defined as an influence process wherein the coach helps the client with decision making, performance improvement and better living.

    Most people hire a coach because they want to make a positive change in their life. A coach helps the client make those changes through structured conversations called coaching sessions. A coaching session is a dynamic conversation where clients are pushed to specify a desired outcome, identify roadblocks holding them back, and create a plan of action to help them realize their goals.

    Coaching can help individuals…

    • Set and achieve goals
    • Change limiting belief systems
    • Increase motivation
    • Make life changes
    • Create positive habits
    • Build self-confidence
    • Develop a desired skill

    A coach helps their client achieve their goals by pulling the answers out of their client. The coach does this by guiding the conversation with strategic questions. Some coaches will have a teaching or curriculum incorporated in their program. However the core of coaching is the breakthrough conversations that happen during coaching sessions.

    How is coaching different than therapy?

    Coaching is not therapy or counseling. It’s not treatment for mental illness or individuals with medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder. It is not a mentorship or advice program. In general, coaching is present and future focused. A coach’s primary goal is to help a client look at where they are, where they want to be, and how to get from point A to point B.

    Therapy can assist clients with recovery, emotional healing, and wellbeing. It is a compassion driven conversation where the client has a safe space to process their emotions and what’s going on in their life. Therapy is often used to treat mental health conditions the most common being depression, anxiety, ADHD and relationship issues. Therapy is covered service under many commercial health insurance plans, Medicaid and Medicare.

    If you’re looking for someone to push you to reach your goals and potential, consider hiring a coach. If you’re looking for medical treatment for a mental illness consider hiring a licensed therapist. Ultimately it is up to the client to seek out therapy, coaching or both at the same time.

    Who is coaching for and how do I choose a coach?

    A client chooses a coach based on their current goal. There are different types of coaches – life, health, fitness, mindset, financial, and career coaching just to name a few. When choosing a coach ask yourself

    • What change am I looking to make in my life?
    • Does this coach specialize in helping their clients achieve the outcome I’m looking for?
    • Do I resonate with the content the coach has shared about themselves and their topic (i.e. videos, blogs, coach’s bio)?

    Coaching Stories

    Below are examples of people who hired a coach to help them.

    College and Life Transitions

    • Brendan is transiting into college life out of high school. He moved across the country for a sports scholarship and is afraid all these changes all at once will hurt his athletic and academic performance. Brendan’s parents assist him in hiring a coach to help Brendan build life skills like time management. This keeps Brendan from being overwhelmed with all the demands of his new life.
    • Jessica is in the final year in her masters program. She wants to maintain high grades while preparing for her future career. Jessica hired a coach to help her develop effective study habits and keep her accountable to doing what it takes to land her desired job out of college.


    • Scott is on the sales team at his company and is looking to be promoted to sales manager. However, he feels like he just doesn’t have the energy that he used to. His wife has pointed out her concern about his health. Scott knows his nutrition and wellbeing habits are probably holding him back from excelling in his current job. Scott hires a coach to help him develop strategies for increasing his health and energy.


    • John and Sarah want to buy a house. They know what they “should” be doing to save money and increase their credit score. However month after month goes by without any progress. John and Sarah hire a financial coach to help them implement positive personal finance habits.

    Business / Professional Results

    • Ella is a new mom and aspiring entrepreneur. She wants to be present for baby’s early life while growing her business. She hires a coach to help her launch her business in a healthy way where she can work from home in sprints of time between being with her baby.
    • Laura is overwhelmed with running her small business. Early success has given her more opportunities than she has time to implement. To cap it off she feels constantly drained just from running the day to day at her business. Laura hires a coach to help her prioritize so she can sort through the overwhelming amount of opportunities she could pursue and take action on the few things that matter.

    Life and Fulfillment

    • Something’s missing from Lester’s life. He has a few hobbies, a positive home life, and stable career. Anyone looking at his life from the outside would say he’s “got it all” however he’s not been happy for a while. Lester has some non-profit passion projects he’s been wanting to do for a while and he knows he’s been procrastinating. Lester hires a coach to help him develop the courage, motivation and strategy to go after this dream.

    Paying for coaching

    All services are self pay only. Health insurance plans do not cover coaching services as of right now. Most insurance plans do not allow the use of HSA or FSA accounts as payment. For more information call the number on your health insurance card.

    How do I hire a coach?

    Check out our full list of coaches here to book a free discovery call.

    For assistance getting matched with the right coach call us at 585-398-8835 or request an appointment online using the button below.